Thursday, April 14, 2011

Make it pretty...stools you can use!

I am short. I admit it proudly and my students make fun of me for it constantly. I prefer to quote a T-shirt I once saw, "I'm not short, I'm fun sized"! Needless to say, I make great use of the good old fashioned stool. But why must my stool be plain, boring and even dare I say... ugly? There is no reason that everyday items can’t be pretty and make us smile. So I set out to the craft store to remedy this problem. My painting skills are elementary at best, so instead I headed for the decoupage glue and scrapbook paper. After I settled on a color scheme I liked, I made my way home for a glass of wine and some crafting. Here is what I came up with…
 This project did not require a lot of supplies (which was great because I am running low in my crafting budget this month). I purchased the stool for $4.00 after coupons, 3 pieces of scrapbook paper for $.59, modge podge $5.99  and turquoise craft paint $.89. Not too bad! 

To start I traced the parts of the stool that I wanted to cover. Then I just cut and pasted the paper, covered with 2 top coats of modge podge and painted the rest of the surface. *I forgot to buy sand paper which would have given me a smoother finish on the painted surface.* Very fun and easy!!
Now for the unveiling...

Not too bad for my first decoupage project!


  1. Casey,
    Your stool is beautiful. How clever of you to come up with a decoupage project rather than painting! Stools are very helpful to those of us who are "fun
    sized". You will certainly have many uses for your stool.

  2. Omgsh this is a very cute idea!
    I love crafts like this to make simple things extra special :)
    Good job! You should start a craft magazine!